Short answer, not much right now. Just counting down to my final day at work (January 9) and putting in place a whole lot of empty shells that I hope will one day overflow with profit-making business, new media realities or at the very least a launchpad to something bigger. That of course is one big-ass pie-in-the-sky and I guess some of my friends and family want some sort of an explanation.

I had a promising career with the Wall Street Journal here in Singapore during an otherwise very disruptive time for the publication and the traditional news industry in general. My managers were quite disappointed at my decision to leave but ultimately respected my move to go it alone perhaps more than they would a decision to join a competitor. Behind the decision was a bit of push: my hours were starting to get very family unfriendly with no sign of relief for anyone contemplating progression.

Bigger than this, however, was the pull: a chance to try and execute those ideas that have been swirling in my head for decades. Most importantly, I’ve been given the green light and means to go ahead and try it by the person whose opinion matters more than any bank, government authority or employer: my wife.

So that probably does nothing to answer the question. I’ve given a whole lot of different answers to different folks who’ve asked what I’m doing. I’m not being inconsistent, just offering different bits of the puzzle to different inquirers. I’ll be more forthcoming in the months ahead but all I can say for now is if you want to find out more, keep posted!